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Extend the life of your data center IT assets with up to 70% savings with Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)


Data center maintenance

Third-Party Maintenance, known as TPM, is hardware support service supplied by an organization which is not the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. TPM offers post-warranty maintenance for equipment that OEMs no longer support, making it possible to extend the life of IT hardware.


Elevate your IT strategy with TPM

From savings to improved convenience and performance, Third-Party Maintenance offers myriad benefits.


Achieve savings

Save up to 70% on your IT maintenance and support costs compared to the manufacturer.


Choose quality

Get quality service and expert support from certified multi-vendor engineers.


Increase convenience

Simplify your IT maintenance with a single contract and single point of contact, freeing up time and resources.


Improve your sustainability

By extending the life of your IT equipment, you help reduce e-waste creation and prevent the manufacture of new equipment and its related emissions

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Multi-vendor support

All major brands supported

Our multi-vendor expertise extends to all leading manufacturers. We sell, rent and support industry-leading equipment from a wide array of brands.

All manufacturers

Equipment supported

Cost-effective hardware support by certified engineers


Server maintenance

To keep servers running smoothly, we monitor to identify and prevent problems that may result in downtime.

Storage maintenance

Our storage service allows you consolidate all of your multi-vendor contracts into a single agreement, providing convenience as well as savings.


Library maintenance

Safe and efficient access to libraries of data is basic for a data center. Our teams and library storage devices allows data centers to recover quickly from faults and downtime.


Network maintenance

Our specialists and local teams of engineers help diagnose problems to avoid hardware disruptions and ensure business continuity.

Service Level Agreement

Create a tailored SLA for your specific needs and budget or use one of our ready-to-go SLAs

SLAPhone response time Availability by telephoneOnsite intervention Repair time
Bronze 24/7 24 x 72h 24 x 7Critical: 24h 
Major: 48h 
Best efforts
(3 days)
Bronze BD & H Business hoursNext business day Business hoursCritical: 24h 
Major: 48h 
Best efforts
Platinum 24 x 715min24 x 72hCritical: 6h 
Major: 12 business days
Minor: 3 business days
Gold  24 x 730 min24 x 74hCritical: 12h 
Major: 24 business days
Minor: 7 business days
Silver 24 x 71h 24 x 7Critical: 24h 
Major: 48h 
Critical: 12h 
Major: 3 business days
Minor: 14 business days

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Customer Portal

Taking care of your business

Evernex CARE is our intuitive portal that gives you access to service tickets and equipment details.

Key figures

Reasons to partner with Evernex for third-party maintenance


worldwide stocking locations


SLA commitment rate


systems maintained


multi-vendor certified engineers globally

Constant vigilance

ASR monitoring for your peace of mind

We provide Automated System Recovery monitoring to safeguard your systems and minimize downtime. Our technicians proactively monitor your hardware, identifying any anomalies or potential issues and allowing us to take action and prevent disruptions to your business operations. A great way to achieve peace of mind—and uninterrupted productivity.


Reduce your
carbon footprint

The benefits of TPM don’t end at savings and convenience. By extending the life of your assets through refurbished parts, you’re simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint by creating less e-waste and preventing the emissions associated with the manufacture of new equipment.

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Data Center Maintenance

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How quickly can I get my assets under contract?

Depending on your needs, we’ll make sure your IT assets are under contract as quickly as possible.

What is the minimum contract duration?

There is no minimum duration for our contracts. This gives you the flexibility to decide whether our service is the right fit for you and your business without added fees for early contract termination.

How do you manage assets under warranty?

We offer our service to assets still under warranty of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), delivered in accordance with your tailored SLA. Evernex always provides its third-party maintenance service completely independent of the OEM, meaning we do not deal with them directly.

How does Evernex guarantee the quality of its spare parts?

All spare parts provided through our third-party maintenance service are refurbished at our state-of-the-art facilities. We ensure their performance by putting them through rigorous quality testing that allows us and you to have full confidence in their ability to keep your systems running.

I have a problem with a server that is not under contract. How can Evernex help me?

To solve your server’s problem, first we conduct a remote troubleshooting session to find out more about the nature of the issue. With this information, we then offer you a quote for time and materials, before arranging the necessary personnel and resources to fix the problem in line with your SLA.

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