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Growing side by side

Success is not achieved alone. We are committed to building a strong partnership with you.

Whether you are looking to expand your reach, improve your offerings, or simply enhance your bottom line, we have the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals.

Join us in our mission to grow together and transform your business for the better.



Unlock growth opportunities

From financing to recycling, our IT life services contribute to the circular economy and help you increase your sustainability

Sustainable financing

The equipment you require without the capital expenditure. A cost-effective way to get immediate access to IT hardware. 

Recycling & Asset disposal

From collecting unused IT equipment to disassembly, data destruction and reuse of components.

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Third-party maintenance

Extend asset lifespans using customizable SLAs at costs 70% lower than the manufacturer.

Spare as a service™

We sell, rent and buy-back equipment. Our hardware is reconditioned, tested, and ready for deployment.

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Multi-vendor support

All major brands supported

Our multi-vendor expertise extends to all leading manufacturers. We sell, rent and support industry-leading equipment from a wide array of brands.

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Why teaming up with us is a win-win


Free yourself from EOSL dates

As your partner, we make it possible to liberate your clients from the EOSL dates by providing you with full-tested, refurbished parts and equipment.


Your single point of contact

Extend your coverage by offering your clients support for hardware from all major brands.


Always by your side

We’re a global player but we act as a local partner, and we support organizations of every size.


Train with us

Our support extends to offering customized partner training and joint sales support.

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Grow your business today

Provide more value to your customers

Our services—and the savings they provide—help create new revenue streams for your business. How? It’s simple.

Our third-party maintenance helps your customers save money, making it possible for them to continue investing in their digital transformation. Talk about a win-win!

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Global footprint

Our worldwide presence

When it comes to IT, speed is of the essence. That’s why we ensure fast response times and service across the globe. With a footprint in over 165 countries and more than 340 forward stocking locations, we stay close to you wherever you are.

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Committed to greener IT

At the core of Evernex is our commitment to bringing increased sustainability to IT. By partnering with us, both you and your customers benefit from our sustainable services, including recycling and the use of refurbished spare parts. With improved eco-scores and a reduced carbon footprint, our sustainable practices are not just cost-effective solutions that help you save, but also beneficial for the environment and your company’s reputation.

Join us in our mission to drive green IT and reap all the rewards of our eco-friendly services.

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Custom APIs

Customization & integration

Seamless integration is crucial for efficient IT operations—that’s why we offer you the ability to build custom integrations for your IT Service Management systems through our highly adaptable API option. Our flexible APIs empower you to effortlessly connect our services with your existing IT offering, allowing you to streamline processes, enhance data accuracy and optimize your business, and all of it within the framework of your preferred ITSM platform.

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