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 Back-up as a Service

Manage your Microsoft 365 backup with ease with Evernex Cloud services.


The perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, innovation and usability.

We leverage smart and innovative cloud solutions, ensuring the availability of your data and IT infrastructure. As a result, you are protected against data loss while complying with laws and regulations.

You can focus on your business while our specialists take care of the management and maintenance of the cloud platform.

Quality and

Object storage guarantees 3 versions of your data


When disaster strikes, you can rely on our expertise and let your employees proceed regardless. We are on call 24/7 for questions and assistance.

Simplicity and transparency

A multi-tenant portal integrated with our platform to manage your back-ups easily. Real-time tracking of your back-up jobs, licenses and storage usage


What we offer

Opt for a reliable and affordable solution for your Microsoft 365 back-up

Selecting the right back-up software and cloud service provider is not an easy task. Especially when you must choose between safety and security, multi-tenant portals, cost-efficiency, ease of use, etc.

At Evernex, we can offer all the benefits. We strive to help companies to focus on their core business without having to worry about the availability, performance and stability of your Veeam Microsoft 365 back-up.

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Our expertise

We are the next generation cloud provider

We are the expert in Veeam and ensure that your data and workloads are always well protected. So your people focus on the things that really matter!

Veeam Gold Cloud Service Provider & Veeam Reseller Ready

ISO 27001 Certified

Data guaranteed in Europe

Veeam is recognized by Gartner for 6th time in a row as best back-up solution globally

100% compliance with EU GDPR rules and regulations

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Our portal

Managing your cloud back-up

Thanks to our state-of-the-art self-service multi-tenant portal, managing your cloud back-up has never been this easy.

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Why it's important

7 reasons to back up your Office 365 data

Safety net for intentional or accidental deletion of data

Protection against gaps in Microsoft's retention policy

Comply with legal and statutory regulations

Protection against External security threats

Protection against internal security risks

Managing hybrid email environments

Protection of Teams data structures


BaaS for Microsoft 365

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How does the pricing model work?

Customers pay a fixed fee per month per M365 seat. Including Veeam license, unlimited traffic and unlimited storage.

Where is my back-up data located?

We store your back-up data outside Azure and guaranteed within the EU borders. We offer 4 different locations in France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam) or UK (London).

Can I perform my own restores?

Our full service online portal offers the full set of features that you would have with our own M365 back-up server. Creating jobs, monitoring jobs, performing restores etc.

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