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Financial flexibility with sustainable IT financing

The pace of development in technology means businesses are continually challenged to evolve.

As a member of the Evernex group, Evernex Capital Solutions specializes in sustainable IT financing options that are tailored to meet changing business needs.

Our flexible leasing options, combined with our expertise, offer companies of every size dynamic solutions designed to meet the pace of the world of IT.


The Benefits

Cut costs with quality and customization


Our expertise, at your service

Our team of experts puts its technical and financial knowledge at your service to understand the challenges that your company faces and help you plan the evolution of your IT infrastructure. 


Improve your digital experience with eView+

With its streamlined interface, e-VIEW+ provides effortless navigation and intuitive controls, as well as enhanced customization options and integration with various devices.

A sustainable strategy

Put sustainability at the heart of your IT strategy and reduce your carbon footprint. 


Maximum flexibility

Our flexible and adaptable leasing options offer you the dynamic solutions you need to meet your goals.

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Our financing services

Visit the Evernex Capital website to discover how Sustainable IT Financing® will drive innovation in your business.

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The path to green IT

With Evernex financing, you not only gain access to hardware without the pressure of purchase.

Our financial solutions also help you better align with the needs of the environment, with equipment leasing designed to help you reduce your consumption and carbon emissions.

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The challenges and opportunities of sustainable IT

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Financial solutions

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What are the benefits of leasing over buying?

Leasing offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing organizations to access the latest technology, preserve capital, and avoid the risks associated with equipment ownership.

Are there any upfront costs associated with leasing IT equipment?

Evernex Capital offers financing solutions with minimal upfront costs, allowing you to conserve your capital and allocate resources more efficiently.

Can I customize my financing plan based on my organization's requirements?

Of course. We understand that each organization has unique needs, and we provide tailored financing solutions to align with your specific requirements.

How long can I lease or rent IT equipment with Evernex Capital?

Evernex Capital offers flexible lease and rental terms to accommodate your business needs, ranging from short-term rentals to multi-year lease agreements.

Is it possible to purchase the leased IT equipment at the end of the lease period?

Yes. We offer flexible end-of-lease options, including the opportunity to purchase the leased IT equipment or explore new lease agreements for upgraded technology.

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