Evernex South Africa Retains Level 1 B-BBEE Rating for Five Consecutive Years

Evernex is proud to announce that our South African subsidiary has retained its BEE Level 1 status, the highest rating on the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment scale, for the fifth year running.

The South African government introduced the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 (the BEE Act) in 2003 to create opportunities for black South Africans and tackle social and economic inequalities resulting from decades of apartheid.

Established on the values of care, cooperation, and compliance, retaining the greatest level with the policy demonstrates Evernex’s commitment to strengthening equality and the growth of local business in South Africa.

The BEE act ranks companies among eight levels of compliance, based on five factors of black empowerment: ownership, management, skills development, enterprise development and socio-economic development. Each factor has a different percentage weighting in the overall score.

Evernex scored a total of 101.16 points in its latest assessment, with 30% black ownership and 30% black women ownership among the key statistics.

One of the most exciting drivers of our BEE Level 1 status is our internship programme, which has been successful in creating new jobs in South Africa. Through the scheme, we invest in the professional development of previously unemployed citizens by providing education and skills development with positive outcomes for both our company and internship candidates.

Although not a legal obligation, by offering direct and indirect incentives the BEE act increases the engagement of black citizens in the management and ownership of businesses in the South African economy.

Evernex’s excellent rating offers a variety of benefits for its corporate customers in improving the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of their IT asset management with our green IT life services, as well as their financial competitiveness.

Companies choosing to work with us further benefit by increasing their own BEE score. This means local South Africa customers can claim more money against their preferential procurement score and improve it without making complex changes to their financial, managerial or ownership structure.

With a global team made up of over 53 nationalities and operating in 25 languages, Evernex celebrates the diversity of its staff as a company strength. The maintenance of BEE Level 1 is part of our long-term commitment to inclusion and diversity, as well as the continued transformation of South Africa and the development of its economy by advancing the participation of all people.

Giving back to society is a fundamental component of our business and the service we provide, and we know that only with collaborative, transparent practices will we create a green digital world that is fair, profitable, and sustainable for both people and the planet.

About Evernex:

Evernex is the leading global IT Life Services provider with 37+ years’ experience in asset life extension and comprehensive multi-vendor data center maintenance. With a global presence in more than 165 countries, we transform IT processes to meet our customer’s unique needs with innovative IT services that allow them to grow their business with a reduced environmental impact.

We specialise in optimising the IT asset management policies of our clients, helping them streamline their procurement, operation and disposal spend while improving the sustainability scores of their infrastructure lifecycle end-to-end.

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