Evernex acquires Emcon-IT & strengthens its presence in North America

November 2, 2021Evernex is continuing its international expansion. Last year it established its European leadership position with the acquisition of Technogroup in Germany. Now the company is strengthening its presence in the US, which is the largest and most dynamic market for Third-Party Maintenance (TPM). For this, Evernex acquires Emcon-IT.

Evernex acquires Emcon-IT & strengthens its presence in North America

The acquisition of Emcon-IT marks the first step of this strategic move. Emcom-IT is a well-established player in the TPM industry headquartered in New Jersey.

Stanislas Pilot, President and CEO of Evernex:

“We are delighted to have completed our first acquisition in the US. It marks the latest addition to the growing list of industry players that have been acquired by Evernex. Such as A-Systems (Brazil), Roer (Argentina), Storex (South Africa) or Technogroup (Germany). The solidity, strong involvement, and close support of our shareholders 3i and Vitruvian have made all this possible. Evernex and Emcon-IT share common business values, close operational models and a customer-centric approach, offering complementary capabilities. Combining our businesses in North America will accelerate the group’s development in this highly strategic market. It also represents a key step towards building a global leader in the TPM space. We are looking forward to working with all Emcon-IT teams.”


Entrepreneur Michael Gnapp founded the company in 2007. Since then Emcon-IT serves a wide variety of enterprise-grade clients across the US and internationally. Including Fortune 10 to 500, public, government, and state organizations. Emcon-IT is a perfect match for Evernex. With a team of in-house experts, 24/7 customer service and a recognized Quality of Service well above industry standards.

A long-standing partner, Emcon-IT naturally fits within the Evernex organization. And is now in a position to leverage Evernex’s global network of operations in 165+ countries.

Evernex is currently the leading TPM in Europe, MEA, and Latin America. Relying on a global organization, based on its 45 Evernex offices in 31 countries covering all regions. And featuring 1000 employees of which over 500 are in the technology and operations fields. The addition of Emcon-IT will further consolidate its global leadership.

As usual when it comes to external growth, Evernex has been very selective in its approach. The corporate culture and values Emcon-IT’s founder Michael Gnapp and his management team displayed, played a significant role.

Michael Gnapp, founder and CEO of Emcon-IT, who will remain with the business:

“We have a long and positive track record of partnering with Evernex on the international portion of our operations. Joining the Evernex family therefore felt like a logical and natural step. There is definitely a strong fit between our organizations. And we feel very confident that we can become even more successful in our home market and internationally. Now being part of a recognized international leader such as Evernex. This marks the opening of a very exciting new chapter in the Emcon-IT history”.


The addition of a solid base for its US operations, will complement Evernex’s existing technical and commercial teams in the region creating strong synergies and paving the way to accelerated growth in one of the fastest expanding market.

With this new acquisition, Evernex reinforces its status as a successful and global consolidation platform, proving its ability to execute transactions across multiple markets.

Everyone at Evernex is excited to welcome Emcon-IT onboard. And both teams are confident and committed to making the combined business a success. They do so through building strong ties in a shared and constant quest to provide the best possible service for all their clients, anytime and anywhere.

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