Top Strategies For Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

Top Strategies Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

Most IT leaders are no longer hesitant to move their maintenance agreements from equipment manufacturers to third-party hardware maintenance providers. This article explains what Top Strategies For Third-Party Hardware Maintenance businesses can choose from.


Switching service contracts from equipment manufacturers to third-party maintenance (TPM) providers allows organizations to both reduce the costs and also increase the quality of the service. It also ensures a greater level of accountability and acts as a Single Point of Contact for all IT service requirements.

Evernex is a leading third-party service provider:

  • A global company.
  • Over 35 years of experience.
  • Over 200k IT systems under contract.
  • The NO.1 multi-vendor hardware stock in Europe.
  • Over 330 forward stocking locations globally.

Evernex ensures global insurance to critical IT systems. It provides customized SLA and high-quality support at fraction of the costs. In fact, in certain regions and thanks to its large global footprints, Evernex is able to provide better service than equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, in addition to cost savings, and superior IT support services TPMs offer benefits that include:

  • A direct global support model.
  • Inventory management services.
  • Flexible service-level agreements.

Global multi-vendor support to critical IT hardware

Third-party maintainers provide IT technicians and spare parts to maintain IT equipment. Ranging from servers and networking to mainframes and storage.
According to a report, many equipment manufacturers offering outsourced services rely on TPMs to increase their internal service provider capabilities to support equipment manufactured by others.

Evernex is a great example of a global multivendor TPM provider, providing a wide range of services:

  • end-of-service-life support for “planned obsolescence” IT hardware.
  • spare parts to IT hardware no longer supported by manufacturers.
  • global multi-vendor support to critical IT hardware.
  • deploying stocks locally and making it available for critical interventions.
  • global end-of-service-life support services.
  • with technical expertise and capabilities to maintain spare parts and devices.
  • even past manufacturers’ warranty and support.


There are ample opportunities starting from a superior support model to optimizing the ROI.
As per the report:

  1. third-party services are a competitive threat to service providers.
  2. In many cases, the service providers are reluctant to reduce their maintenance fees at warranty expiration and renewal. Several reports suggest that most of the hardware remain stable after the initial bug fixes between 1 and 2 years. Since the hardware is stable, it is be better to prolong the same hardware instead of investing in a new infrastructure.

  3. Competitively customized SLA.
  4. Third-party maintenance providers can also reduce costs. As they offer a highly competitive & customized SLA at contract renewal.

  5. Worldwide Coverage.
  6. For Evernex, no service request is considered too hard. With over 35 global offices and network coverage in over 340 locations worldwide.

  7. Elimination of maintenance contracts where possible.
  8. In some cases, the number of hardware failures on certain equipment is low enough not to require extended warranties. In the case of network equipment, having spare devices on hand eliminates the need for maintenance support.

Case study

Let’s see a few important case studies on how Evernex TPM can help your business organization to have its IT infrastructure covered.
The first case study:

  • Leading Telecom Company
  • Evernex has assisted a leading global telecom company with multivendor hardware and, multiple contracts paying hugely for frequent refreshes. We provided the company with:

    • Customized SLA.
    • Single Point of Contact solution.
    • Insurance to existing IT infrastructure.
    • No additional investment needed on frequent tech refresh.
    • Local spare parts suppl.y
    • Improvement of efficiency and accountability of IT operations.

    It resulted in peace of mind for the company and also enabled them to shift its focus and resources from the non-core to its core activities.

    The second case study:

    • Leading Health Care Company

    A leading health care company wanted to have a single point of contact for all its IT requirements.
    Evernex proposed an unbelievable solution. With:

    • over 330 forward global stocking locations.
    • no critical request or intervention is too difficult for us.
    • customized SLA.
    • A single point of contact.
    • No critical intervention is delayed or unattended.

    For more details on how to get your IT infra covered contact us today!

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