Reasons to Switch to Third Party Maintenance (TPM)

There are many benefits of switching to a premium Third party maintenance (TPM) provider like Evernex, this includes lower costs, customized SLA’s, no EOL/EOS dates, fewer contracts to manage, better customer service, etc. Please find a list below with few critical reasons:

1. Audit your existing infrastructure

At Evernex, we conduct personal consultations with all our clients to examine and diagnose the state and condition of their data centers. We also assist you by making recommendations on how to manage the multi-vendor data centers. To avoid unnecessary maintenance gaps, we also conduct regular audits of the data center.

2. Customize your Contract

Evernex provides the best contract to the clients so that they are not forced into a cookie cutter SLA. Our contract terms are straight to the point and we believe in providing flexible terms and conditions.

3. Availability of Spare parts Locally

We stock spare parts in over 215 locations worldwide. We ensure and guarantee the reliability and security. We have an extensive selection of hardware ranging from legacy gear to latest-and-the best. In addition, we also provide the on-site spares for mission-critical equipment that you would prefer to be stored in-house.

4. No Ping-Pong effect

When a ticket is raised, our first priority is to address the issue and fix it. We understand the importance of your time.

5. Submit a Ticket

We have a proven and efficient system in place for handling your support requests from beginning to end. We have a user-friendly process to track all your assets, you can submit error logs online.
If you are planning to switch to a Third Party Maintenance, Specialists at Evernex will assist and guide you in the best possible way.
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