Choose multi-vendor maintenance benefits for broader service options

Many companies are shifting towards third party multi-vendor maintenance providers. Mainly because of severe budget constraints and reductions in the capital expenditures. This article explores the benefits of choosing Multi-Vendor Maintenance providers and investigates a few myths about multi-vendor support.

Benefits Multi-Vendor Maintenance services

Unlike the past, organizations nowadays seek to do more while keeping their IT costs low. They are interested in a a cost effective way to limit their service expenditures while retaining their traditional uptime and performance. This is why Third-party maintenance is becoming more popular.

Multi-Vendor Maintenance services from Third-Party Maintenance providers offer many benefits. For example:

  • Reduced Maintenance costs when compared to manufacturer service
  • Life cycles beyond manufacturers end of life support
  • Single Point for support when dealing with multiple equipment/service providers

Myths About Multi-vendor support

Third-Party maintenance servers (TPM) have not always been so popular. In fact, such service providers have dealt with many myths in the past. To name a few:

Myth 1: Since Third-party maintenance services are less expensive than manufacturer services “they must be losing on something”

  • Since the manufacturer makes huge investments on hardware research and development, they design their pricing structure to restitute those costs.
  • On the other hand as there are no additional investments in terms of R&D on new product development and minimal costs involved in advertisements and product campaigns, Third-party Maintenance service providers like Evernex can save a lot on the costs.
  • The manufacturer sales teams are encouraged to focus on selling new equipment rather than promoting the extension of the lifecycle of installed data center equipment. This is due to their need to compensate for their investments on new hardware!

Myth 2: No software support with Multi-vendor maintenance providers

  • For the majority of major operating systems the firmware, patches, and upgrades are available publicly.
  • If these are not available, multi-vendor maintenance providers can help customers procure them and assist them with the installation.
  • The software is mostly stable and in most cases, no upgrades are needed in a post-warranty/end-of-life scenario.

Evernex: best multi-vendor maintenance services provider

Evernex maintenance services are your ideal choice if you are looking for:

  • Better control over your capex.
  • Removal of EOS/EOL on your existing data center equipment.
  • Customized SLA and affordable post-warranty support.

Evernex has leveraged its technical and business expertise to become a leading provider for critical IT systems and its maintenance services worldwide.

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