Upgrading IT infrastructure in a mission critical data center environment

On demand computing has pressurized data centers for lesser deployment times, and has demanded a transcendence from the traditional data center plagues. The aim would be to achieve rapid service deployment, and business manageability through efficiency and agility.

Many organizations inherently suffer from a lack of preparedness in the current IT landscape when it comes to service management or IT infrastructure management.

While being replete with the latest IT solutions is certainly a competitive advantage, there is a lot of inherent dependency on updating data center infrastructure what with the advent of big data analytics, cloud, mobile technologies, business social interfaces, and their interrelated applications.

Businesses cannot risk their stakes to poor IT infrastructure or for that matter, IT service management. They require partners who are readily available to run around and provide solutions that are the need of the hour.

When it comes to revamping the data center of a business institution for future applications, there is a need to take into consideration all the vital aspects that go to run the application to its full efficiency. It might even mean upgrading the whole of the facility!

The organization’s in house data center engineers, and the CIOs should team up with the outsourced team and first work out the logistical parameters for a data center upgradation. But remember, it is not just the upgradation that gives the preparedness, it is also the proper disaster recovery planning process that gives optimum preparedness for the next generation challenges.

Data Center IT Infrastructure Upgrade Reasons:

  • Irrelavant equipment based on the growing requirements of the company.
  • Low efficiency.
  • Compliance issues.
  • Insufficiency in all categories.
  • Garbled Cabling.
  • No Flexibility or scalability.

Whom to choose?

  • A company that can create a structured plan for upgradation that is cost effective.
  • A company that can make plans that create minimum disruption to the current production.
  • A service provider that has a risk management plan as well as round the clock customer support
  • A service provider that can execute maintenance and support irrespective of the brand and can provide services without a contract too.
  • Hire a company that can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your organization and keep you in the good books of environmental agencies always.
  • A service provider that has its presence in the far reaches of the globe.

What to do while upgrading?

  • Change IT hardware that is unreliable.
  • Update power systems.
  • Rack/aisle system containment.
  • Upgrade switching.
  • Install new monitoring devices.
  • Change garbled cabling to ordered cabling.


  • Lesser deployment times.
  • More efficiency.
  • More functionality, scalability, and flexibility.
  • More safety.
  • Better ability to take peak loads for applications.
  • Better business interface on social media and mobile platforms.
  • Reduced downtime.

If the organization makes informed choices, partners with experienced service providers who have the wherewithal to give the right IT infrastructure upgrade logistics, IT service management, and the data center maintenance after the process of up gradation, then the organization would certainly surpass the phase of having an archaic data center, and face the next generation challenges with hope and positivity.

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