Increase ROI by using refurbished-hardware resellers, Gartner suggests

Gartner suggests to increase ROI. Maintenance services are a combination of hardware supply and support services. The main target of today’s IT service provider is to provide a cost effective solution to extend the life of the IT equipment. To meet all the quality standards and achieving, end to end targets, we maintain all the technically advanced aspects of a mission critical data center.

Gartner suggests to increase ROI with TPM

It is like having an analyst who continually provides detailed reports. Including top technology solutions to updated trends in the field of refurbished hardware and maintenance services. “Used Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Cost Savings Support” is a reference among the latest Gartner’s releases titled.
This release focusses on the the opportunities for IT leaders to achieve bottom-line oriented goals with used hardware resellers.

Refurbished hardware and maintenance services

Gartner goes on to state that there is a huge demand in the number of IT professionals moving to refurbish hardware resellers than the ones that are just offering Third Party Maintenance.

This is because the Hardware and the maintenance of the hardware are correlated and are dependable on each other. And this is the primary reason why Evernex, can offers both high quality Refurbished Hardware and a premium worldwide support for your critical hardware. Evernex contributes heavily to the smooth running of data centers for companies around the world.

Gartner suggests a clever utilization of your IT hardware. They suggest use the Original Equipment Manufacter (OEM). Especially for just releaseed technology and the fixes of bugs. And after the initial warranty is over to switch to a Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) provider. To make he best use of the third party maintenance companies for flexibility in SLA and cost saving hardware replacement solutions.


At Evernex we suggest the same to our clients. The bottom line of the story is to not just provide our clients with a stable equipment. We also want to make the whole IT equipment process cost saving for business and organizations. Refurbished hardware is therefore thoroughly tested on quality. We at Evernex very strongly feel that when such a quality tested, refurbished hardware id complemented by a proven Third-Party Maintenance solution it will drive innovation. Moreover, it will also help to budget for several other IT needs.

Contact our IT experts today, if you are looking to understand how you can save considerable throughout the hardware life-cycle. Evernex offers a cost effective enterprise hardware solution helping you to not just maximize your infrastructure ROI, but also to lower your maintenance cost.

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