Football and IT: The “second half” is what counts

In the current context of the UEFA Euro Championship, we can’t help thinking that what we do at Evernex is like the “second half” in a critical football match.

On 11 July 2021, we will know who can call themselves the European Football Champions. And we are on the edge of our seats! Fortunately, we are already familiar with the name of the European champion for third-party maintenance (TPM) – Evernex.

As the European market leader with a presence in over 165 countries and broad expertise in multi-vendor IT hardware and data center infrastructure, we can support international ‘players’ with offices all around the globe.

Our services are focused on prolonging the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure by means of hardware maintenance and spare parts management, adding a beneficial “second half” to your equipment.

Discover why this can be game-changing:

Every minute matters:

As seen throughout the course of the past Euro matches, a lot can happen in the second half and the score is not final until the game has ended! This is also true for your IT infrastructure.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only offer support for hardware in data centres for the first few years and even during this “first half”, TPM service providers can start to cost-effectively support your IT. But who would end a football match after the first half?

Evernex support services enables you to optimise your IT server, storage and networking hardware to ensure a secure and reliable “second half” performance beyond manufacturer warranties and indeed, even into extra time.

This will enable your organisation to cut back on IT spend, which can be rechannelled into other business priorities like digital transformation or upgrading mission-critical infrastructure, improve return on investment and drive sustainability.

No time for injuries:

To ensure excellent performance and the best possible outcome during a football game, a team needs all its players in top shape before, during and even after an injury.

Working closely with critical infrastructure, Evernex multi-vendor maintenance engineers are like the physio running onto the pitch. Their support expertise ensures the ‘player’ is quickly restored and fit for purpose, so the team can continue with their usual formation and operations can resume.

And if the player needs to go off, TPM providers like Evernex ensure that a replacement part is quickly brought onto the pitch, to maximize uptime for our customers.

A first-class bench:

Football is not just about eleven men. Sometimes players get seriously injured and then a strong, fit replacement is needed. Evernex with the Number One multi-vendor spare parts inventory in Europe and over 850, 000 parts available in 330+ forward-stocking locations worldwide offers an impressive substitutes’ bench for every on-premises or data center environment.

And if there is a disruption, Evernex will ensure that defective hardware components are repaired or replaced in a timely manner- reducing operational risks, while increasing peace of mind.

As in football, the success of a company depends on a robust strategy, strong execution and superior performance. We think that multi-vendor maintenance from a quality TPM provider like Evernex should be an integral part of your game plan!

Play on!

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