Server maintenance: Server life in data center

We’ve been maintaining mission-critical IT hardware for over three decades and we realize that your servers a critical part of your IT infrastructure. In the server maintenance, it is a question IT managers have asked for years. Today the question is even more complex. Proper server maintenance can extend your server life by many folds this in no way means that one needs to completely replace the existing hardware instead of getting the required upgrade as per your requirement will suit the purpose. For instance, in many cases, adding CPUs or memory can significantly increase a server’s performance at a fraction of the price of a new server. The added advantage of an existing stable server is that they possess higher efficiency and do not pose any unnecessary risks to business operations, because all the bugs are already fixed in the initial years and the hardware is totally stable.

The bottom line is that you firstly, don’t throw away any good equipment and secondly, your hardware refresh or change should be based on your business or technology needs and not under pressure from a service provider.

At Evernex this is what we specialize in. As a single point of contact for all your IT needs, we extend the life of your hardware, by providing a supply of spares and help you with upgrades as and when your business demands. We also provide certified recycling and data disposal services for data centers. And through affordable hardware maintenance services, we provide insurance to your IT infrastructure at fraction of the costs, increase efficiency and ensure that your hardware refresh choices are in your hands.

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