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Reasons to choose a multi-vendor maintenance provider over a manufacturer service

Unlike the past, many companies are shifting towards the third party multi-vendor maintenance provider because of the severe budget constraints and reductions in the capital expenditures. Organizations that are seeking to do more while keeping it cost effective are interested in third-party maintenance to limit their service expenditures while retaining their traditional uptime and performance.

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Evernex technician testing refurbished IT-hardware

WEEE compliance: Redefining e-waste-management

Waste of electrical and electronic equipment, (WEEE compliance) is becoming a very important factor in today’s world, especially the wastes related to IT equipment such as servers, storage, networking and other IT hardware, which is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU and other parts of the world. According to a recent

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Strategies to save data center maintenance budget

It is the duty of the data center managers to identify the areas to cut on the operating budgets and at the same time to ensure that there are no associated risks in the functioning of the data center environments. These measures will not only facilitate max uptime, but also allow companies to enhance efficiency

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