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Need for IT hardware recycling and benefits

Every Organization maintains a sustainable waste strategy in which IT hardware recycling and refurbishing plays a very important role. Government regulations and WEEE directives are specially designed to deal with hazardous waste and dispose the IT equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. Need for Recycling • Reduce the volume of waste which gets dumped illegally.

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Useful tips for IT asset decommissioning

Although companies can use their data center equipment beyond its lifecycle with proper long-term maintenance from Evernex, sometimes your technology and operational or software prerequisites change. In order to stay up to date you might need to replace your outdated hardware with products that are more relevant and add more value to your business needs.

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The need for safe and secure IT equipment disposal

Companies should ensure to dispose of their unused IT hardware safely, securely and responsibly. Here are a few reasons why companies need to follow secure IT equipment disposal methodology for their unwanted equipment. As technology is changing and advancing by the day, there is an increasing number of unused/unwanted IT hardware piling up in our

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WEEE compliance: Redefining e-waste-management

Waste of electrical and electronic equipment, (WEEE compliance) is becoming a very important factor in today’s world, especially the wastes related to IT equipment such as servers, storage, networking and other IT hardware, which is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU and other parts of the world. According to a recent

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