Exploring ITAD at Evernex with our experts

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Exploring ITAD at Evernex

Exploring ITAD at Evernex with our experts answer important questions. Such as “what does ITAD stand for and why has it become so popular over the last few years?”

What are the factors behind the growth of ITAD over the last few years?

The growth of ITAD is explained by two factors:

  • On the one hand, the move to the cloud, as many companies are moving to the cloud, they have redundant infrastructure standing around, which they want to remove and recycle
  • And, on the other hand, data security. All major companies want absolute traceability of their assets. They ask Evernex to degauss their drive and then shred them, paying twice for double security. This is because companies are afraid of legal problems if data is found in one of their drives that might belong to an end user.

How does Evernex prioritize environmental responsibility?

At Evernex sustainability is integral to our business model. We’re interested in the equipment first, in refurbishing and reusing it. We care about your company’s IT, and we’re here to give you advice about managing your waste.

The Evernex strategy is to look at the value of the equipment, even as raw materials. Further, we have all the necessary certification to provide ITAD services, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, which is reassuring for our customers.

We are also compliant with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) EU regulation. Clients want to see a technician that is going to take care of the equipment properly when it’s being disposed of.

Can you share a couple of success stories where Evernex ITAD has helped companies?

Right now, we are providing data center removal for a major international telecom company. They want to dispose of over 3000 servers in four of their data centers, as well as 160 tons of additional IT equipment.

We are also supporting an industrial company as they move to the cloud. We have erased 1,800 drives, and decommissioned12 tons of servers, predominantly EMC. We revalue their assets, in the US and in many other countries, and these customers get value back from their assets through our buy-back service.

How does Evernex ensure data security in its ITAD processes?

The fact that we come from the IT business makes us very careful about data security, and we’re experts at erasing all kinds of storage and servers. We have very specific machines in our Mitry-Compans site that ensure total deletion and destruction of data. Businesses in the banking, insurance, and healthcare sectors have very high security demands, and we’re able to meet them.

We offer our customer different ways to secure their data. The first is physical destruction such as degaussing (HDD demagnetization), shredding or drilling, where waste is sent to a recycling center and a certificate is provided noting when and where the procedure took place.

This can be done onsite or at our facility in Mitry-Compans. The other way is data erasure: Evernex is able to offer a clean erasure of the HDD by using NIST 800, which is the US standard for any data wiping. We provide a certificate in compliance with this protocol.

What innovative approaches is Evernex adopting to stay ahead in the ITAD industry?

First of all, through our buy-back program, we purchase the equipment that our customers don’t use anymore and add value to it, resulting in increased revenue for our customers.

Second, we offer the value of being a broker, providing market value for the raw materials and the weight of the equipment and its recyclable parts.

And third, we provide a data center reverse logistic approach specializing in server storage, unlike competitors who specialize in the laptop business.

Finally, what would you like to say to companies considering Evernex ITAD services?

Evernex does ITAD the same way we do maintenance – quickly and with a high level of quality.

We are certified and specialised in equipment handling and evaluation.

And finally, we have decades of experience and a global presence, which ensures that we’re able to provide a fast response time to our clients no matter where they are located.

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