Scaling Sustainability: Evernex for Businesses of All Sizes

Scaling Sustainability. Sustainability is no longer a niche concern; it’s a core business principle. As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, they demand responsible practices from the companies they support. Regulations are evolving to promote environmental responsibility, and resource scarcity poses a growing threat. For businesses of all sizes, embracing sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s essential for long-term success.

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Evernex: A Committed Partner in Sustainable IT

As a leading IT solutions provider for whom sustainability is a central tenet, Evernex bases its business model on empowering businesses to thrive while minimizing their environmental impact.

  • 89% of organizations recycle less than 10% of their IT hardware. Evernex is a pioneer in IT asset parts recycling, using these refurbished parts for maintenance whenever possible yet never compromising on quality.
  • In 2023, over 60 million tons of e-waste were generated worldwide. Evernex IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) enables optimal recycling of IT assets with minimal effort from your side.
  • Up to 80% of IT infrastructure CO₂ emissions occur during hardware production. Evernex extends the lifespan of your IT infrastructure through high-quality maintenance, significantly reducing emissions.

Sustainable Partnerships

Evernex fosters strategic partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to sustainability. These collaborations allow us to combine expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions and accelerate progress towards a greener future. 

Sustainable Solutions for Every Business

Evernex offers a comprehensive suite of sustainable IT solutions designed to empower businesses of all sizes to minimize their environmental impact while achieving their growth objectives:

  • Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)

    Extend the lifespan of your existing IT equipment, reducing the need for frequent hardware upgrades and e-waste generation. TPM is a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes, minimizing upfront investments and offering flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to cater to diverse requirements.

  • Spare as a Service™ (SPaaS™)

    Access a vast pool of high-quality, refurbished parts instead of relying on new ones. SPaaS™ is perfect for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to maintain their IT infrastructure.

  • Buy-Back Program

    Securely dispose of unwanted IT equipment and recover its value. This program benefits all businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, by providing a responsible and financially rewarding alternative to traditional disposal methods.

  • IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

    Ensure secure and environmentally compliant disposal of end-of-life IT equipment. Evernex ITAD services provide peace of mind for mid-sized and large enterprises with strict data security and regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring business continuity and responsible e-waste management.

Scaling Sustainability: Scalable Solutions for All

Evernex understands that sustainability goals and deadlines can vary depending on business size. For this reason, we offer scalable solutions to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you’re a small business looking for cost-effective hardware options or a large enterprise prioritizing data security and business continuity, Evernex has the sustainable IT solution for you. By working together to customize your SLA to your needs, you can optimize your budget no matter the current size of your organization.

The Green Impact of Evernex

Beyond the business benefits discussed, by choosing Evernex you’re also making a positive environmental impact. Our solutions have a significant positive effect:

  • Reduced e-waste generation by extending equipment life and promoting refurbishment.
  • Lowered emissions through efficient IT asset management that also reduces the need to manufacture new hardware.
  • Minimized resource useby reducing reliance on new part manufacturing

Getting Started with Sustainability

Even small steps can have a big impact. Here are some tips for businesses looking to integrate sustainability into their operations:

  • Conduct an IT asset audit to identify opportunities for extending equipment lifespan or responsible disposal.
  • Develop a sustainability policy that outlines your commitment and specific goals.
  • Educate your employees about sustainable practices and encourage eco-conscious behavior.
  • Utilize resources from organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Global e-Waste Monitor for guidance on sustainable IT practices.
  • Research and implement industry best practices for energy-efficient data center operations.
  • Partner with sustainability-driven organizations like Evernex to leverage their expertise and solutions.

Scaling sustainability is a feasible goal for businesses of every size. To greatly increase the sustainability of your organization while achieving all of your business goals, we encourage you to let Evernex be your partner on this journey.

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