Evernex supports COP27 fight against climate change with green IT

With its efforts to advance IT sustainability by extending the lifecycle of data center hardware through repair and recycling, Evernex is part of the defining moment in the fight against climate change that is the subject of COP27.

Our approach is that of a circular economy, enabling companies to reduce their environmental impact through carbon reduction measures and responsible e-waste management.

Businesses that transform their processes with Evernex take a proactive approach to global sustainability targets and directly contribute to a greener digital future, while benefiting, among other things, from improved data center efficiency, performance, brand reputation and eco-scores.

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, taking place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, brings together more than 100 heads of state or government and representatives of nearly 200 countries. The conference seeks to accelerate global climate action through emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts and enhanced flows of appropriate finance.

The first week of COP27 will be devoted to a World Leader’s Summit followed by discussions on topics such as climate finance, decarbonization, climate change adaptation and agriculture. The second week is expected to cover gender, water and biodiversity.

For its part, Evernex continues to expand the adoption of its third-party maintenance (TPM) support model, focused on getting the most out of IT hardware. Since 1983, the company has been on a mission to deploy green and affordable data center infrastructure solutions to markets across the globe.

TPM increases sustainability by extending the useful life of assets past End-of-Life & End-of-Service-Life dates at costs up to 70% lower than those of the original manufacturer, challenging outdated refresh cycles and premature obsolescence practices.

This allows companies to optimize their IT budgets and improve their sustainability scores by removing the need for new upgrades and replacements, and therefore reducing the harmful extraction of natural resources and carbon emissions associated with manufacture, which make up the majority of hardware’s lifetime footprint.

Another service offered by Evernex, Spare as a Service™, ensures fast, reliable access to spare parts from worldwide stocks of multi-vendor equipment. Lower return merchandise authorisation (RMA) rates, the incidence of goods returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, and lower cost of reconditioned assets result in increased productivity and return on investment.

Additionally, SPaaS™ can protect business continuity by letting companies refresh or upgrade their equipment with refurbished parts, avoiding the bottlenecks caused by shortages.

Finally, as a leading provider of recycling certified by the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), Evernex helps businesses go net carbon neutral as soon as possible in line with the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ initiative.

With its comprehensive recycling service, Evernex collects, disassembles, sorts and recycles hardware for its customers, repurposing parts and components wherever possible as part of a circular system.

The COP27 climate conference is a significant event in the fight against climate change, and as a company devoted to increasing sustainability in the technology sector, Evernex looks forward to its outcomes.

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