Save with SPaaS™ – The on-demand spares delivery service from Evernex


Tell us more about Spaas™?

SPaaS™ is a continuation of what Evernex has been doing since 1983. We recondition assets for use as spare parts to repair or maintain other systems until their true end of life. This means when the original manufacturer halts support of equipment by announcing End of Service Life (EOSL) dates, our offering enables companies to continue using the required IT asset for several years, with no risk to their business.

Where do the purchased parts usually go?

75% of our reconditioned assets are exported. In Europe, we are particularly popular in France, Germany and Italy, while we also have good market shares in the United States and the Middle East. Thanks to having 330+ stocking locations globally, we can respond to almost any type of spare part need in record time wherever our customers are located.

What types of assets are most popular?

The most popular assets for our customers are related to server maintenance, data storage and networks.

SPaaS™ customers have access to over 850,000 multi-brand items, some of which are no longer produced or sold by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. This means we can offer the specific part they need to protect productivity and continuity, even when they are scarce or unavailable on the new equipment market.

What do you think has made SPaaS™ so successful?

Our offering continues to grow. The popularity of complete configurations (delivery of already assembled systems) has risen, which is mainly due to component shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the decrease in available resources.

These shortages have resulted in longer lead times, and since no business can afford to halt their operations, many companies are now turning to third-party maintenance, for which SPaaS™ is an integral capability, to compensate. Our inventory of spares (one of the largest in the world), has given customers the reassurance that they will be able to obtain the correct part for sustaining data center productivity, especially when the demand for digitally based business functions is increasing.

More generally, a growing number of companies are turning to us for cost savings. Our parts are less expensive than new ones but offer the same level of quality as all are reconditioned at our purpose- built facilities, and rigorously tested before implementation.

It’s safe to say businesses are under pressure to go green at the moment. How does the SPaaS™ program improve enterprise sustainability?

Sustainability is certainly a benefit of our service. Using SPaaS™ means their use of equipment supports circularity, by salvaging and repurposing functional assets to live a second life in their system. This allows our customers to avoid purchasing new equipment that consumes a lot of energy and natural resources when manufactured. It also helps them stay compliant with emerging regulations and new government directives, such as the AGEC or GREEN laws in France.

On top of this, we have recently implemented a Buy Back program, which is an extension of SPaaS™. Instead of selling refurbished assets, we buy back unwanted assets from our customers to restore them to working condition, recycle them or dispose of them following WEEE guidelines.

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