Using cross-manufacturer expertise against IT failures

Cross-Manufacturer Expertise

Hochheim, 22 March 2021– IT service provider, T-Systems, issued the “Zero Outage recertification” to Technogroup for their quality and expertise. This service provider is part of the Evernex company and seen as a Cross-Manufacturer Expertise Third-Party Maintenance Provider. Therefore T systems also underlined the importance of Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) to IT reliability.

The failure of important IT systems can have drastic consequences for companies. Sales figures can be seriously threatened within a matter of hours. And the company’s reputation will suffer severely, if customers and partners can’t use their services.

Zero Outage program

T-Systems operates a global programme that systematically and sustainably secures the quality of its partners and suppliers, to prepare for company-critical failures.

In Zero Outage the company doesn’t just follow a preventive “zero-fault strategy” to rule out risks as far as possible. The programme also ensures that in the worst-case scenario, quick action will be taken to rectify the failure as quickly as possible.

24/7 availability and fire drills

All T-Systems service providers must be reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the scope of a professional incident management system, partners must also prove to secure and maintain the agreed quality standards in unannounced worst-case simulations. Known as “fire drills”.

Worldwide T-Systems Programme

Technogroup, realises cross-manufacturer expertise and belongs to the Evernex group, an expert in data center maintenance. At the beginning of 2021, it received the Zero Outage recertification being part of the worldwide T-Systems programme.

For this, it is important to have a multi-vendor partner with many years of cross-platform experience. Especially, when the causes of failures could affect different systems.

Klaus Stöckert,CEO of Technogroup,an Evernex company,says:

“T-Systems demands a lot from its service providers. We have proved once again that our service meets the highest quality requirements.Thanks to certification in the Zero Outage programme, as well as the recertification.”

Technogroup ISO Certified

the German IT service provider is one of the first companies on the market that is certified three times with ISO standards:

  • Quality Management (ISO 9001).
  • Information Security (ISO 27001).
  • Environmental Management (ISO 14001).

Evernex benefits

The third-party maintenance (TPM) provider belongs to Evernex. A TPM market leader in Europe This worldwide active IT company counts over 10,000 customers benefitting from such high quality standards. 

Third-party maintenance providers offer the following benefits:

  1. quality and know-how
  2. cost savings
    of up to 80 per cent in comparison with manufacturer maintenance
  3. hardware use
    including beyond the end of the manufacturer’s service period
  4. process optimisation
    thanks to service from one source

Technogroup  is the market leader for third-party maintenance (TPM) in computer centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As well as member of the Evernex Group, the market leader in Europe. They offer:

  • Services and Consulting from one source
    for all crucial IT systems in computer centres.
  • Comprehensive Service Packages
    to avoid or fix hardware failures and extend the lifetime of IT systems at a reasonable price.
  • Additional Solutions
    include IT monitoring, network services, refurbished hardware and IMAC services.


Technogroup is one of the first companies on the market to be certified in quality management, environmental management and information security as per ISO standards.


The Evernex Group is the Number One in stocking multi-vendor spare parts in Europe.

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