Evernex inaugurates Le Lab in Massy – Europe’s first multi-brand expertise center for data center equipment

Paris, February 29, 2024 – Evernex, world leader in third-party maintenance and IT services, takes a major step forward in its expansion with the opening of Le Lab, the first multi-brand center of expertise for data center equipment, located in Massy, Essonne.  

With almost 3,000 m² dedicated to storage, maintenance, and ongoing training for engineers, this new site represents a strategic investment to support the group’s growth. Just one year after the opening of Europe’s largest reconditioning site, Evernex inaugurates Massy to meet the ever-increasing demand from its customers for IT equipment life extension. 

Evernex COO Manivong Khammao explains: “The Mitry site has given us independence in terms of spare parts availability: a factor inherent to our maintenance business. Massy reinforces this strategy and meets a dual challenge. First, to increase our capacity and guarantee the continuity of the Group’s activities. On the other hand, it also helps us to develop and maintain in-house expertise by fostering acute knowledge of machines and configurations to guarantee our customers first-rate maintenance services.” 

A unique laboratory in Europe to support a global business 

With over 40 years of experience in third-party IT maintenance, Evernex maintains nearly 700,000 pieces of hardware from over 200 brands in operational condition, well beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Hundreds of servers, mainframes and equipment are permanently connected to the multi-brand expertise center in Massy, enabling Evernex engineers to work on over 5,000 configurations. This extraordinary (and energy self-sufficient) capacity is designed to: 

  • Offer training with real-life cases on real machines.  
  • Certify engineers’ IT expertise levels.  
  • Provide remote access to configurations for engineers in the field, to help them solve customer problems more quickly. 

With almost 100 training courses in place, this initiative confirms the Group’s quest for excellence by promoting the transmission of knowledge between its experts. 

Cédric Fourgous, Vice-President of Technical Operations at Evernex, comments: “With Massy, we are taking our commitment to excellence a step further, offering our employees tools that enable them to anticipate failures and foster talent synergy through knowledge transfer.” 

Reverse logistics, the cornerstone of a circular approach 

With its circular approach and deep understanding of technology, Evernex helps its customers to manage their IT infrastructures in a way that is more respectful of the environment and less demanding on scarce resources. 

A cornerstone of the Group’s CSR strategy, Massy and Mitry will be the ideal location for reverse logistics. This process enables products that have broken down or reached the end of their useful life to be returned to the market in operational condition. “We’re proposing an organization that’s unique in the world, one that will reshuffle the cards in IT logistics. Thanks to Massy, we are going one step further in our commitment to offer high-quality, sustainable IT services to our customers worldwide,” concludes Manivong. 

A sustainable approach, Evernex’s DNA 

Evernex stands out for its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the field of IT maintenance. With this in mind, the company has implemented a global strategy that takes into account every aspect of its operations. For example, as part of its inventory management, Evernex now favors boat returns to supply its various sites, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with air transport. This decision is part of a wider environmental approach, which also includes innovative storage practices, such as the use of recyclable cardboard on a large scale, an initiative already successfully adopted at its Massy site. 

In addition, Evernex takes advantage of the energy resources generated by its activities to optimize its environmental impact. For example, the heat emitted by servers in operation is reused to heat the site’s premises, thus contributing to a more efficient use of energy and a reduction in carbon emissions. 

“At Evernex, our commitment to operational excellence and environmental responsibility guides our every action. The inauguration of Massy is a concrete illustration of our desire to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers, while contributing to a greener future for the technology industry,” concludes Manivong Khammao. 


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