Evernex Announces New Leadership Structure with Mohamed Bella Appointed as Deputy CEO

Paris, April 16, 2024 – Evernex, a leading provider of IT infrastructure maintenance services, recently unveiled a strategic reorganization aimed at propelling the company’s growth trajectory. The announcement, made on April 3, 2024, introduced Mohamed Bella as the newly appointed Deputy CEO, marking a significant milestone in Evernex’s evolution.

Stanislas Pilot, President & CEO of Evernex, expressed his enthusiasm for Mohamed’’s promotion, highlighting his remarkable contributions and extensive industry insight. “Mohamed’s exceptional track record across various roles and geographies , combined with his deep understanding of the global IT market and his entrepreneurial spirit make him the ideal candidate for that position”.

With over 11 years of experience at Evernex, Mohamed Bella’s journey has been characterized by a series of outstanding achievements with year on year double digit growth, opening 12 subsidiaries across 3 continents, culminating in his latest appointment.

Fluent in five languages, Bella’s expertise spans Sales, Marketing, Operations, Strategic Planning, and M&A activities, providing a solid foundation for his new role. His most recent position as EVP Strategy and Development saw him play a pivotal role in driving regional expansion, acquiring new business and exceeding business goals.

Mohamed’s strategic acumen was particularly evident in his involvement in all of the last key acquisitions, such as  Technogroup in Germany, A-systems and Maminfo in Brazil, Roer in Argentina, Storex in South Africa, EmconIT and XSi in the USA. His involvement extended beyond mere transactional aspects; From sourcing to closing, Mohamed worked closely with the founders, CEOs, and key executives of these companies, taking care of critical business issues, managing expectations and transitions , as well as setting up key performance indicators. Leveraging additional resources, he successfully expanded Evernex’s client base, reaching previously untapped markets and solidifying the company’s position as a global player in the IT infrastructure maintenance sector.

As Deputy CEO, Mohamed will now oversee a wider spectrum of responsibilities across regions and business units. He also holds various board positions advocating for a more independent and sustainable IT landscape such as FreeICT.

Mohamed expressed his honour in accepting the new role, emphasizing his confidence in Evernex’s talented team to reinforce the company’s global market position and deliver exceptional value to customers. In a rapidly evolving landscape increasingly reliant on Information Technology, Mohamed envisions Evernex playing a pivotal role in providing dependable, sustainable, and affordable infrastructure solutions.

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