Green Transition: Evernex signs the Responsible Digital Charter

The facts are clear: digital technology accounts for 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is 50% more than those produced by air traffic. This formidable tool for creating, working and sharing has an ecological cost that we don’t necessarily measure. Last year, the planet produced a staggering nearly 57.4 million tons of e-waste – that’s more than the Great Wall of China, the heaviest man-made object on Earth.

A charter to change behaviour

Drafted by the Institut du Numérique Responsable*, the NR Charter summarises the commitments made by its signatories (companies, organisations, VSEs/SMEs, public players) and encourages them to evaluate and improve their sustainability performance continuously.

The charter endorses:

  • the optimization of digital tools to limit their impact and consumption
  • the development of services that are inclusive, sustainable and accessible to all
  • the implementation of ethical and responsible digital practices
  • the orientation of its signatories towards responsible digital practices, which are essential to ensure the resilience of organisations and the emergence of new behaviours that support the sustainable use of technology.

Acting for the environment thanks to the three Rs: repair, reuse, recycle

Signing this charter, Evernex once again demonstrates its commitment to accelerate the ecological digital transition in which the company’s values are embedded.

“Digital technology is revolutionising the way organisations work at lightning speed. As a source of innovation and progress, it reflects their modernity and showcases their know-how. It can be a invaluable tool for creating new sustainable values, more respectful of the environment and more ethical for society when considering its use in terms of impact. With the signature of this charter, we affirm our commitment to our sustainable approach to IT and our pursuit of a green digital world,” explains Elise Crunel, Head of Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility at Evernex.

A pioneer in IT services and hardware refurbishment, Evernex has been helping companies around the world manage their IT infrastructure for nearly 37 years. By extending the lifecycle of IT assets through repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of used parts, Evernex helps its customers meet the first paragraph of the NR Charter. Its services, ranging from the collection of unused IT equipment and its disassembly to giving a second life to any reusable component, affirm the responsible approach that drives each step of Evernex’s commitment to using IT in the most sustainable way possible.

Elise Crunel explains: “15% of the products that arrive at Evernex can actually be reused. This equates to over 50,000 spare parts each year that we can recondition and give a second life. The other 85% will be recycled into secondary raw materials, which is a great benefit for both the company and the planet.” Evernex recycles nearly 700 tons of computer equipment per year, cementing its position as a leader in sustainability and environmental impact reduction in the IT sector.

*The INR is a Think and Do Tank founded in 2018. It emanates from the merger of the Club Green IT, in association law 1901 nonprofit. It aims to be a place of reflection the three key issues of responsible digital: sustainability, inclusion and ethics.


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