Evernex Joins the Technological District in Buenos Aires

Evernex is delighted to announce that its Argentina subsidiary has joined the Technological District in Buenos Aires, with a physical presence in its location spanning 328 hectares in the South Zone of the city. 

Joining the initiative will provide Evernex Argentina with a range of financial incentives and tax benefits, while helping to elevate the profile of the company and the provision of IT Life Services in the country and wider LATAM region. 

Created in 2008, the Technological District is a center for promotion, development, innovation, and knowledge and is home to a range of technology companies and their employees. It was strategically set up to help revitalize and develop neighborhoods in the South Zone of the city, including Parque Patricios. 

By bringing together private and governmental organizations, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the center aims to generate a higher collective value in order to facilitate economic development and innovation in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the region. 

Evernex met the criteria for inclusion in the center based on its activities in the sector of ICT, providing services related to technology consulting and remote IT support to its customers, and improving the management of information and knowledge in organizations, among others.  

Until 2035, under law 2972 and latest amendment 6382/20, Evernex and other participating organizations receive benefits, such as deferral or exemption from the payment of Gross Income Tax and transferable tax credit for companies not yet registered in the City of Buenos Aires.

It also provides exemption from the payment of real estate tax and remuneration rate for lighting, sweeping, and cleaning services, and maintenance and conservation of sumps (ABL) for properties within the Technological District that are owned or rented by its occupants, and gives Evernex the opportunity to receive access to preferential lines of credit from the Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires. 

As part of the project, Evernex will appear in the official list and on the website of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires as a company authorized and located in the Technological District. With this visibility, the Argentina subsidiary will also be able to raise the profile of the company and IT services nationally to attract new customers and next generation talent. 

In the interest of future development of businesses, communities, and wider ICT sector in the region, as part of the initiative, Evernex will be able to further support the development of strong ICT expertise in Argentina with tax benefits when hiring young students. 

This, along with access to training programs that will enable the company to deepen regional and sector-specific knowledge, will ensure Evernex meets the growing and evolving needs of its customers across Latin America and wider world.

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