Evernex Joins GreenIT Club: Advancing Towards a Greener Digital Future

In another step towards a green digital world, Evernex is proud to announce its membership with the GreenIT Club.

Finding commonality between the ambitions of GreenIT Club and our business, this membership marks an exciting new phase towards our goal of creating a circular IT economy. It also provides a platform to tackle technical issues such as the eco-design of digital equipment, reuse, and recycling, while combatting distracting greenwashing in the industry.

Founded in 2004, the GreenIT Club is a community of responsible digital actors looking to create an alternative digital future and offers a place to reflect on the challenges between digital and sustainable development.

Since joining this club in March 2022, Evernex is attending the organization’s workshops, where project leaders in the fields of responsible digital, green IT, digital sobriety, and eco-design come together to share knowledge, best practices, and news.

In doing so, we aim to deepen and broaden the honest discourse around sustainability and the environmental impact of IT and strengthen our mindset of continuous improvement by receiving feedback on our actions and discovering innovative approaches from other IT professionals.

This membership further highlights our core values of care and cooperation in action. Collectively, with the sharing and exchange of knowledge that the GreenIT Club events and platform enable, the industry can make greater and better-informed gains around sustainable IT and find new and effective ways to align digital development with environmental protection.

GreenIT Club also offers training courses, conferences, guides, and white papers surrounding the economic, environmental, and social impacts of digital technology, as well as a repository of 74 Green IT best practices, and various methods to assess a company’s green maturity, such as its checklist and environmental footprint assessment.

For Evernex customers, this membership is another affirmation on the supply chain side that our business is contributing towards more responsible digital practices. With the feedback and insights from various organizations and leaders in the field, customers are assured that Evernex is not acting in a vacuum but is collaborating with and checked by others as we strive together to create an alternative, less damaging digital world.

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