Evernex is intensifying its focus on the Brazilian market by investing in a new facility located in São Caetano do Sul

São Caetano do Sul – SP, Brazil – In order to strengthen its presence in Brazil and Latin America, Evernex officially inaugurated its new office in the city of São Caetano do Sul – SP. The ceremony took place on August 17, marking a significant moment in the company’s history, which has been operating in the country for over 20 years.​

The new office is the result of several months of dedication and brings together all sectors and departments of the company under one roof. Strategically located in the SAO International Square condominium, the location offers easy access to major highways and airports in the region. Additionally, its privileged position provides additional amenities such as hotels, shopping centers, and a hospital, making it ideal for clients, employees from other units, and suppliers.​

The state-of-the-art facility encompass a spacious area of 800 m², including administrative, financial, commercial, operations, and supply chain sectors. Highlights include a laboratory dedicated to testing and integration, as well as stock of over 30,000 items, including parts and equipment. The space also features various meeting rooms and informal areas, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and stimulating creativity.​

Evernex’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the design and construction of the new office, reflecting practices already integrated into the company’s daily processes, both in Brazil and worldwide.​

“The new office represents a significant step forward for Evernex in Brazil,” said Roger Campilongo, Country Manager Brazil, who has been involved in the project since its early stages. “By consolidating all of our operations in an unbeatable location, in an office that reflects our commitment to sustainability, we are positioning ourselves to continue expanding our leadership in Brazil and Latin America. We couldn’t be more motivated,” added Mr. Roger.​

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