Evernex is committed to sustainable development with planet tech’care

Evernex is proud to announce its new partnership with Planet Tech’Care. By participating in this initiative for a digital world that is both innovative and ambitious in its protection of the environment, we demonstrate our continuing commitment to more sustainable development.

Evernex commits to sustainable development with planet tech’care

Planet Tech’Care brings together a community of companies linked by their digital expertise and desire to mobilize for the environment. This platform is being piloted by the Responsible Digital program established by Numeum, a union formed between Syntec Digital and Tech In.

The goal is to make digital technology work for people and society, while contributing to national and international debates around digital. In doing so, the Planet Tech’Care initiative supports companies in developing skills for responsible and ecologically efficient digital technology. And by bringing together the expertise of more than 510 signatories, it creates an open source and open data commons to position itself in the European arena.

Elise Crunel Head of QSE-CSR:

“With Planet Tech’Care, Evernex contributes to the positive dynamic of players becoming committed to digital that is environmentally responsible. Furthermore, we are joining forces and leveraging our sphere of influence to move from commitment to action for our planet.”

As a key digital player, it is important for Evernex to recognize the major issues related to sustainable development and to play its part in supporting it. The first step is accepting responsibility for our impact, which is why we are taking measures to reduce our environmental footprint and control the risks our business poses to the planet. Another part of how we take responsibility in the fight against climate change is making our partners aware of the cause and actively collaborating with them through our third-party maintenance services.

Reduce polluting emissions thanks to third-party maintenance

Today, the digital sector is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 21% of which are due to data centers and network infrastructures. It is here that Evernex acts sustainably by providing end-to-end digital infrastructure and data center maintenance services that span the entire asset lifecycle: from installation to the recycling of end-of-life IT equipment, as well as hardware rental, repair and refurbishment.

Thanks to our third-party maintenance, sale and repurchase of second-hand computer parts (Buy-back and SPaaS), we considerably extend the life of data center equipment and reduce the consumption of raw materials necessary for the manufacture of new.

This has a significant tangible benefit for the environment, considering that 75% of the carbon footprint of equipment comes from its manufacture. Through its services, Evernex upgrades and maintains existing infrastructures and thereby minimizes the production of e-waste (WEEE) and the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

Jean-Marc Gottero, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO):

“As part of this more sustainable future, Evernex has an essential role to play in helping companies understand, monitor and optimize their carbon footprint in the field of IT and enable them to make decisions that respect the environment. With the Planet Tech’Care initiative, we renew our commitment to help you adopt a sustainable digital strategy, both for your business and for the climate.”


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