Evernex awarded EcoVadis Silver Medal for fourth consecutive year

Evernex Group SAS has been honored with the EcoVadis Silver Medal for the fourth consecutive year in 2023, highlighting its consistent and remarkable performance in the realm of sustainability.

With a percentile ranking of 82 among all participating companies in this year’s EcoVadis assessment, Evernex achieved a score that is equal to or higher than 82% of the organizations evaluated.

EcoVadis, a globally recognized sustainability ratings platform, evaluates companies based on their environmental, social, and ethical practices. The remarkable achievement from Evernex is attributed to its continued dedication to sustainable operations and its focus on delivering environmentally friendly solutions to customers worldwide.

Within the “repair of computers and personal and household goods” industry, Evernex secured a position among the top 18% of companies, showcasing its unwavering dedication to delivering environmentally conscious solutions and demonstrating exceptional standards in labor and human rights.

“We are thrilled to once again receive the EcoVadis Silver Medal,“ said Elise Crunel, Quality Safety Environment & CSR Head at Evernex.

“Sustainability remains our primary focus,” said Elise Crunel, “and this recognition is proof that while we help our customers optimize the management of their IT infrastructure and increase their productivity, we also help them reduce their expenses and their carbon footprint – a win-win for both businesses and the planet”.

As Evernex Group SAS celebrates this fourth silver medal, the company plans to keep improving its sustainability practices, citing their future objective as attaining an EcoVadis gold medal.

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