COVID-19 response: Cost-reduction actions for I&O leaders

In ‘COVID-19 Response: Top 7 Cost Reduction Actions for I&O Leaders’ a report published by Gartner last year, the analyst was already weighing up the benefits of short-term cost reduction strategies over longer-term cost optimisation to help businesses stay afloat during what was set to become a global pandemic.

Few businesses escaped the impact of the virus, as the threat to both lives and livelihoods became frighteningly real. In 2021, the shockwaves of a year in lockdown are still being felt, with businesses looking at ways to manage operations cost-effectively by implementing budget cuts across every department, including IT.

In the report, Gartner encouraged Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders to identify and execute cost reductions across the board – with an important message around asset management. One of the seven cost-reduction strategies mentioned in the report is, “Minimize Asset-Related Investments”. Among the suggested ways to do so, Gartner lists “Use third-party maintenance to extend the life of assets” and “Defer upgrades”.

As an experienced third-party maintenance provider, Evernex offers a sensible alternative to costly OEM contracts. We will continue to support your IT assets beyond the end of their manufacturer warranty or service agreement, prolonging their useful life.

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