Choice and Flexibility are the Most Important Requirements for Decision Makers Today

Choice and Flexibility for decicion makers. Evernex offers refurbished and pre-owned enterprise equipment to companies for cost saving and enhanced performance purposes while maintaining IT infrastructure. While there are numerous benefits of incorporating third-party it infrastructure maintenance in your data center, it is imperative for you to understand the implications to pre-owned equipment, and how do you maintain your IT infrastructure in a sustainable way?

Data center procurement and support Trends

To reflect this attitudinal shift, we partnered with Dimensional Research to conduct a global survey with more than 500 IT decision makers, where all participants had critical decision-making responsibilities in data center purchasing and support.
We needed to understand the trends influencing companies in terms of the procurement and maintenance of their data center environments.
The survey gave very interesting results, as we are witnessing a shift to alternative approaches in building and maintaining modern data centers. This is largely due to the fact that equipment buyers generally want greater flexibility and choice.

Below is a summary of the findings:

Strong growth for pre-owned equipment and maintenance from 2015 and 2016

Among the surveyed, 92 percent use pre-owned equipment, third-party maintenance, or multi-vendor infrastructure in their data centers today. A breakdown of this number shows that:

  • 53% purchase pre-owned equipment
  • 60% use third-party maintenance
  • 85% have multi-vendor environments

Strong demand for flexibility and choice

  • Third-party maintenance: 90% saw clear benefits in terms of reduced costs, lower risks and increased flexibility while retaining vendor flexibility
  • Multi-vendor data centers: 96% see advantages in optimized spending, reducing risk of vendor lock-in

New technologies allowing flexible architectures, and the global slowdown in IT spending, are definitely preparing the increase in pre-owned equipment and maintenance alternatives. CIO nowadays seek options allowing flexibility in purchasing and managing to optimize the business value. This also affects how companies build and maintain their data centers today.

Therefore, when you make decisions regarding equipment refresh, you should be assessing the useful life (of your current equipment) rather than “end of life” stated by your vendors. Where the issue of quality is concerned, it must never be dictated by some arbitrary lifecycle vendor document that says you need to upgrade.

The real questions you should be asking is about the true quality and state of your equipment, and what are the available options for maintaining existing equipment that are still a fit for your business continuity. After all, why spend more than you should when it is not a necessity?

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