Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

Evernex to tackle the seas after its IT prominence on the lands!

Evernex is pleased to announce its participation and involvement in one of the worlds classic offshore yacht races, the Rolex Fastnet Race that will take place on Sunday the 6th of August 2017. A boat race ingrained in history since its first race in 1925, the Fastnet race has elevated offshore racing and is constantly growing in public stature. This year, the race will be competed over the course of a few days in the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. Over the years the Fastnet Race has had huge influence in the growth and development of offshore racing. Being involved in such a prestigious event, furthers our ambition and drive to keep growing as a company.

Brieuc Maisonneuve, Eric Varin and Charles Monnet will sail the Evernex boat in Fastnet 2017, striving towards possible victory! Evernex’s involvement makes apparent its support for boat events with its participation in Fastnet 2017. Additionally, with this involvement Evernex also aims to convey the importance of involvement in opportunities like Fastnet Race, which portrays in a positive way a sense of sportive spirit the company holds and to get involved in different fields outside of its regular terrain.

Sponsorship and new CSR opportunities is something that Evernex is constantly looking for and pushing towards. Therefore, our involvement in the Rolex Fastnet Race is a prime example of a new opportunity for Evernex to get involved in new avenues and fields, epitomized in this fantastic event. Whilst participating in the Isle of Wight the event enhances the global image and awareness of Evernex. We look forward to the beginning of this competition and watching how the winds and sails will unfold during the race.

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