Business strategies for CIOs in high-inflation periods

Business Strategies for CIOs in high-inflation periods

Business strategies for CIOs. At the moment many businesses start to recover from the shock of the pandemic. Yet, the rise in economic inflation is once more increasing financial strain on companies. How can CIOs and other IT decision makers make use of proven business strategies to maximize budget in high-inflation periods?

What is a business strategy for CIOs?

Organizations have many problems to solve. So, they need to decide what problems they want to solve first. This is where Chief Information Officers (CIOs) come in. They proactively shape the information environment where strategic decisions take place. And strategy is problem-solving, not a tool or technology selection.

What challenges do CIOs face?

The job of a CIO is no easy task. CIOs face everyday challenges such as security threats, economic uncertainty, and operationalizing AI, as well as a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Why should CIOs be business strategy partners?

CIOs can best solve problems with a strategy. In this way better understand their businesses short-and longer-term technology needs. They are also more effective at driving partnerships and shared accountability with the business side this way.

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