Six reasons to partner with a Third-Party Maintenance Provider

Conversion from traditional manufacturer to third-party maintenance (TPM) is happening at an unprecedented rate. Why? Because TPM providers bring proven value to organizations by offering flexible, comprehensive IT support solutions for up to 80% less than what the original equipment manufacturer charges.

TPM providers have disrupted the IT maintenance market by allowing businesses to extend the useful life of their networking, server and storage assets by up to five or even ten years.

Third-party maintenance partners are focused entirely on the customer: protecting your IT investment and increasing the lifespan of your assets, while ensuring business continuity and quality of service. They offer unbiased expert advice, heavily reduced IT costs, increased flexibility, simplicity and reliability of service contracts, and an introduction to more sustainable business practices.

Companies everywhere are reassessing their priorities and making the move to third-party maintenance. Is TPM right for your business? Read on for six compelling reasons to make the switch.

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