Sustainable IT: Why the time is now!

As companies around the world embrace sustainability and work towards achieving their environmental goals, the importance of ‘green IT’ is becoming increasingly evident. By reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and adopting sustainable practices, businesses can make a significant impact on the environment, while also improving their bottom line.

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable IT, exploring the latest trends, best practices, and innovative solutions that are driving change across the industry. Our expert panel of speakers share their insights and expertise, offering practical advice and guidance on how to make your IT operations more sustainable.

Whether you’re an IT professional looking to reduce your organization’s environmental footprint, a sustainability manager seeking to align your IT strategy with your company’s goals, or simply interested in learning more about the benefits of green IT, this webinar is for you.

Please fill out the form to watch this 45-minute on-demand webinar and take the first step towards building a more sustainable future.

Florian Doussot
OSCAR & Circular Economy Expert | Orange

Has 15+ years of experience as a network engineer and leads the Orange Sustainable and Circular Ambition for Recertification (OSCAR) program across 26 countries.

Orange is a leading telecommunications operator and digital service provider for multinational companies.

Sophia Walwyn-James​
Sophia Walwyn-James
ESG & Sustainability Director | 3i Group

Leads ESG and Sustainability for 3i’s Private Equity team, focusing on ESG throughout the investment cycle, defining ESG strategy, and supporting 3i’s portfolio companies across Europe and North America to implement sustainability related projects.

3i is a FTSE-100 listed investment company specializing in Private Equity and Infrastructure investments.

Mark Havens
Managing Director, North America | Evernex

With a wealth of experience working in third-party maintenance, Mark helps enterprise IT professionals understand their data center hardware support options to maximize hardware asset ROI and achieve greater sustainability.

Evernex is the leading global IT Life Services provider with experience in asset life extension and comprehensive multi-vendor data center maintenance.

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