Evernex lance un indicateur pour évaluer l’empreinte carbone

Evernex renforce sa démarche RSE en lançant un indicateur pour évaluer l’empreinte carbone de ses clients

Paris, 03 October 2017 – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become particularly popular in recent years, CSR is applied to any action that might be implemented by a company, such as, ensuring sustainable development. Evernex, is one of the biggest players worldwide in third-party IT infrastructure maintenance, and has become a driving force on the issue. CSR has been a reality at Evernex for 34 years, and become an integral part of the group’s DNA, internally and with its clients. Beyond the impact of the announcement, the company has prioritised the well-being of its employees, its respect for the environment and the humanitarian actions that Evernex has undertaken. Returning to a single and comprehensive policy.

The environmental approach is appreciated by our customers

The core business of Evernex is the maintenance of IT equipment, under operational conditions, for as long as possible. For businesses, it is no longer a simple question of purchasing new equipment, but rather how to maintain it for the longest duration possible. Evernex has this expertise, and offers a real environmental alternative. To demonstrate this, the company evaluated the reduction in energy consumption and environmental impact of 60 of its customers, from the beginning of their collaboration, over a period of 1 to 3 years. The calculations made were based on the manufacturer’s data, the number of years of collaboration, the number and types of equipment, and also includes the intervention count and possible parts replacement. The results of the study were given to the clients in the form of a certificate. The Evernex Group worked with the TOOVALU company to produce this index. By the end of the summer, all clients who have been assessed, will receive their carbon reduction certification.



carbon footprint


Additionally, Evernex has decided to open subsidiaries in over 22 countries, minimizing its carbon footprint on spare parts delivery The Group has also made efforts to reduce its environmental impact by combining shipments to the different regions of the world (Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, etc.), to serve the 160 countries that make up its market.

“Our concept is to offer an alternative to the systematic purchase of new equipment. The more our customers work with us, the more they reduce their environmental impact. Moreover, before buying a server we remind our customers of their responsibilities and the consequences that such a purchase can have on the environment. CIOs have choices to make and they must do so in a responsible way: our role is to make them aware that embarking on a cycle of construction of equipment has a colossal impact in terms of energy used and on the environment,” says Cinda Romdhane, CSR Manager for Evernex.

A move towards well-being at work

For over 30 years, CSR has been embedded in Evernex’s overall strategy. As part of Evernex’s global development the company decided, a year and a half ago, to create a social barometer, involving 250 employees from the subsidiaries, in order to better understand the expectations and needs within the company.

The results, were both positive as well as negative, and were then communicated to employees in a transparent manner. Following this announcement, management took various decisions dedicated to improving the working conditions of employees. Some of those are, for example, the creation of positions in marketing and communications and the dedicated allocation of training budgets for employees.

“The success of the 2016 barometer led us to repeat the operation: we decided to put a survey in place every 18 months. The next one will take place in October 2017. This tool allows us to evaluate the employees’ feelings about the newly implemented solutions and then to evaluate their well-being within the company. Our status as an international company, with a presence in 160 countries, encourages us to collaborate with very diverse profiles: our teams include people from 30 different countries, people with disabilities and undertaking occupational reintegration. It is therefore essential for us that everyone feels comfortable and happy when at work. “, says Cinda Romdhane, CSR Manager of Evernex.

“Diversity is also a principle of our recruitment process: we give everybody a chance. Diplomas are not really our criteria for selection, rather we choose employees according to his or her potential and his or her competences. In addition, each manager is responsible for recruiting his or her own employees, respecting the concept of proximity within our teams,” explains Bruno Demolin, President of Evernex.

Evernex, a committed actor in the humanitarian field

Furthermore, Evernex has financially and materially supported the TANAT school in Niger, for the last 9 years. Classrooms and computer rooms have been created and furnished with all the necessary IT equipment. The Group has taken responsibility for some of the logistics for the primary school, the secondary school and more recently the sixth form college.

A second computer room for the sixth form college will see the light of day, in September 2017.

“Today 12 classes are available, where 420 schoolchildren now benefit from a quality education. We wish to continue this adventure, which is why every year, in June, the on-site teams come to France to give us an update on the progress of the actions and projects to come. We are proud to participate in this wonderful project that we all care about! “ says Bruno Demolin in conclusion.

In 2013, the gaining of two certifications – the ISO 9001 for quality of service and the ISO 14001 for environmental impact – was the culmination of, and made concrete, Evernex’s approach to CSR.

“These two certifications are the guarantees of our seriousness, and of the skilled work carried out by our sales and technical teams, but also an additional reason why we will retain the loyalty of our customers”, explains Bruno Demolin.

About Evernex:

Evernex, is a French company, largely owned by THE CARLYLE GROUP investment fund (NASDAQ: CG), specializing in IT infrastructure maintenance throughout the world offering a comprehensive range of maintenance services, Spare as a Service – SPaaS ™, and additional services such as recycling, secure data disposal, data centre removal and relocation, library repair, IT hardware rentals and financial solutions.

Evernex offers its services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to all customer sites worldwide to ensure business continuity and operational user quality, whilst remaining committed to protecting the environment and sustainable development. Evernex provides three quarters of its business services internationally and covers over one hundred and sixty countries across the globe. The group recorded a consolidated revenue of € 161 M in 2016.

More information is available at https://www.evernex.com/

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