Cap Vert Finance acquires Nexeya Services, a subsidiary of Nexeya Group

Cap Vert Finance becomes No. 1 in France for IT infrastructure maintenance replacing hardware that can last for years. This is how we will be able to save funds in order to innovate where it does matter.

Cap Vert Finance IB Remarketing (CVF IB-R), a French group specialized in critical data centers and infrastructure maintenance, today announces the acquisition of the company Nexeya Services, a subsidiary of Nexeya Group, an electronic equipment manufacturer and expert in IT infrastructures maintenance (Servers, Storage, Backups and Networks).

With this acquisition, CVF IB-R will complete its services portfolio and take up the position of market leader in France.
This operation allows the company to strengthen its presence across France and confirms its expertise in hardware maintenance of critical environments, chiefly used for data storage and backup.

Founded in 1983, CVF IB-R posted an annual turnover of 130M€ in 2015, while the company’s growth rates is over 10% per year. The group has 22 subsidiaries around the world with over 330 employees, and the company maintains around 100000 systems on behalf of 2 200 customers in 130 countries. The company also completed the set-up of local operations in Japan as of September 2016 and is preparing to expand into Mexico in 2017.

The group aims to become the European leader in its sector through future acquisitions with the support of its shareholder THE CARLYLE GROUP.

Bruno Demolin, President of Cap Vert Finance declared: “We are a French High Tech company and proud of it. It was important for us to become No.1 in our domestic market and our home country. The acquisition of the services activity of Nexeya will allow us to realize this ambition.”

Jean-Yves Riviere, President of Nexeya Services added: “The sale of our subsidiary, Nexeya Services, strenghthens Nexeya Group’s strategic positioning as an international electronic equipment manufacturer. This acquisition allows our non core business activity to join a leading company within IT maintenance market.”

About Cap Vert Finance:

Cap Vert Finance is a French company, mainly owned by the investments fund The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ:CG), and it is specialized in the maintenance of IT infrastructures around the world, by offering complete services, varying from the progressive leasing of new materials to Maintenance in Operational Conditions (MCO) through to remarketing or recycling of equipment and components when contracts expire. Its 330 employees, of which more than 80% are engineers, are available 24h/day and 7 days/week for all client facilities in order to guarantee seamless operations and high-quality functioning for users, through an approach that includes environmental protection and sustainable development. Cap Vert Finance generates three-quarters of its revenues internationally in more than one hundred thirty countries around the world. The group achieved a consolidated turnover of 130M€ in 2015.


NEXEYA designs, tests and maintains critical electronic systems for the defense, aeronautics, space, transportation, and energy markets. NEXEYA develops innovative products in the fields of testing and simulation, energy conversion and mission management. NEXEYA deploys a strategy aiming to make it a world leader in its markets. NEXEYA has been a partner of major European leaders such as AIRBUS, THALES, SAFRAN, and EDF for many years; it counts thousand of employees and reached a turnover of 133M€ in the last fiscal year. The group, with the support of its shareholders ACTIVA CAPITAL and BANQUE PUBLIQUE D’INVESTISSEMENT, alongside management, aims to double its turnover within three years

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