What does EOSL mean for my equipment?

End of Service Life (EOSL) may mean the end of manufacturer support for your IT hardware, but it doesn’t mean the end of useful life. In fact, many assets will continue to perform at optimal levels for years beyond EOSL. Evernex third-party maintenance extends the useful life of your EOSL equipment. Provided by Level 3 Support Engineers, Evernex’s multi-brand services maintain all aspects of multi-vendor infrastructure at costs up to 70% lower than the OEM. With unified contracts and custom SLAs, Evernex TPM provides the flexibility and independence to upgrade hardware when it suits you. Partnering with Evernex TPM enables you to reduce downtime and increase productivity, with the assurance that you’re helping to build a more sustainable future in IT.
How does Evernex increase EOSL equipment sustainability?

By providing the necessary support no longer made available by manufacturers, third-party maintenance extends the useful life of assets past End of Service Life, helping you avoid the complex and costly migration to new equipment. Retaining performant assets beyond this date, rather than refreshing, reduces e-waste and prevents finite natural resources from getting trapped in landfills. The resulting decrease in demand for new equipment also positively impacts climate change and air quality by preventing the release of carbon and GHG emissions associated with manufacturing.

Our commitment to sustainable IT Our commitment to sustainable IT

How can I check my EOSL date?

Take back control of your IT asset lifecycle today by finding out the status of your assets with our EOSL database, or Contact Us.

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