Your goals are our goals

Our clients are what make our business, so your goals are ours too. We are committed to transforming your infrastructure to make it go further in achieving your targets – on finances, performance and sustainability.​

Our full suite of professional and maintenance services are adapted based on the individual business context of each of our customers and partners, which has led us to successfully collaborate with over 10,000+ clients in 165+ countries, and maintain a 98% customer retention rate.

As a trusted partner on whom any business can rely, we’re optimizing the data centers of our clients worldwide to build a digital world that works better for everyone.

How we help our customers

Unlike many IT providers, Evernex offers fully flexible and customized solutions to each of our customers and partners. Whether you are a global player or a SME, our global provision stays close to you, understanding your individual market and IT needs. Under the umbrella of Evernex services, your business will experience optimized and more sustainable operations, with a clearer understanding of your processes and the economic and logistical benefits of a Single Point of Contact. Wherever you are and whatever you do, our cross-manufacturer and cross-cultural provision guarantees personalized and effective IT lifecycle management.

All industries
Seamless IT Life Services for businesses in every industry.
All sizes
Tailored SLAs to suit any size and scale of operation.
All locations
Expert solutions supporting clients in over 165 countries.
Huge cost-savings with asset life extension, so you can drive your core business.
A single point of contact for global, multi-vendor IT that’s going places.
Greater sustainability, ensuring you play your part in the green IT future.

Uptime all the time with our dedicated customer portal

Our new client portal, CARE, gives you access to service tickets and equipment details whenever you need them. Its intuitive functionality aims to embed transformation at every phase of your asset lifecycle management, empowering you with the information and support needed to progress in the way that’s right for your business:

  •    Place service tickets from any device
  •    Track real-time service ticket status
  •    Review all your service records by location or date
  •    View all assets on your agreement
  •    View SLAs by equipment
  •     Track and review warranty coverage
  •    Find EOL/EOSL dates for your equipment

Our dedicated customer portal is all about you: giving you live updates to keep track of your service tickets anytime, from anywhere.

Our Brand Expertise

Nearly 80% of data centers contain infrastructure from multiple vendors. Our cross-brand expertise allows us to service your entire range and unique combination of hardware, no fuss.

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